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Traditional Chinese Characters (繁體中文字) - A medium that witnesses heritage of history and culture.  With only eight strokes, more than 10,000 Chinese character combinations were created over thousands of years. Today, let simple word-making-strokes become a creative tool in our hands again, and it is also a perpetual calendar which truly integrate creativity into your daily life.


From Scratch to Sketch


Our original idea was to create a simple and easy-using device that everyone can create a unique character by using strokes. However, we would like to make it a bit more practical - combined it with Perpetual Calendar, to enhance its functions and encourage everyone to create a character every day. 


When we get up in the morning , some people choose to "tear off" yesterday before starting a new day.  "Zì lì" designed as an inspirational tool for you to spend 5-10 minutes, calm yourself down, think about your to-do items, organize your mindset to face anything that will happen today. Starting from today,  every new morning with a sense of ritual.  

Wooden device: 3 different types of wood to choose- Oak/ Black Walnut/ Teak


The 8 stroke structures alone are enough to bring you unlimited possibilities. We have prepared more than 120 tiles for you, which contain various stroke sizes. With this set of tools, you can create anything with your imagination, making each stroke full of personality.

A Character, an emoji, or anything else, it is all up to your creative mind.


Special Offer


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Pre-Order now via official website to enjoy exclusive discount! Ask our associate now ! 

預購字曆 PreOrder ZiLi


  • 由於各產品庫存數量不一,我們會根據該預購產品的庫存狀態作出跟進。

  • 付款形式及方法將以個別電郵通知。

  • 產品價格只包括本地(香港)速遞服務

PreOrder Success! Our associate will be contact you soon!


  • The inventory quantity of each product is different, we will follow up according to the inventory status of the pre-ordered product.

  • Payment method will be notified buyer by individual email.

  • Product prices only include local (Hong Kong) express service

A timeless mix of solid wood and metal

Recreate with your fingertips

8 strokes = Infinity possibilities 

This is more than just a calendar. What we do is a creative platform

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